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Live from 'The Chateau' 

Free Virtual Retreat For Coaches Who Want To Grow Fast

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Coaches, Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh-La-La Game Plan Locked In For 2023. 

Live from 'The Chateau'

FREE 4-Day Online Virtual Retreat For Coaches 


If You’re a Coach Who Wants to Grow Fast... 


...and you're pinning everything on seeing explosive growth in the next 12 months,


it's time to dive into my FREE online virtual retreat live from 'The Chateau'.


I'll show you how to mix business strategy and unstoppable power to make an unbeatable plan for your biz in the next 12 months in this powerful bite-sized series.


...and the best bit, it's free!

Most virtual retreats cost hundreds (if not thousands) to attend. Not this one.

Book your place today and dive into Q4 as if it's the start of the best quarter in business of your life!

Bold moves with zero overwhelm. All from the comfort of your sofa (or should I say chaise longue?)

Warning: This is not your usual run of the mill event.

You’ll create your 2023-24 game plan, in the lap of French luxury, while knocking down the roadblocks that keep you from your best self.

It’s how you go from

“How do I do this?” to “I got this!”









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Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh La La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets

Natalie says...

"Karen’s Chateau Training was just absolutely amazing. I was left feeling so empowered, and I knew I wanted to continue working with Karen after the week of free training."

Helen says...

"In this experience, Karen was so honest, kind and helpful, in the way she explains things so that they make perfect sense (even when you’re in a foggy forest)."

The year has gone by in a blink, you have a million things to do; the summer holidays have drained you, it's little Jonnie's birthday next week, there are emails to send....eeessshhh - It's exhausting


But, you're ferociously committed to achieving amazing things in your business.

This is the year things will really take off for you. The next 12 months are going to be different. You know that already.  

This is precisely why you need to attend. Not just register, but actually watch.

Click the link and make space for this in your diary today. This could be the best thing you do for your business right now - and let's have some fun along the way.

This event has been designed to give you maximum results for the time invested.

Short bite-sized sessions, hosted in a dedicated Facebook group so you can watch back later AND the option to upgrade and access all of the recordings for 12 months (plus a back stage pass to a special extra session which I know you'll love.)

Details for this are on the thank you for registering page...  Go and click the link now!

Wondering if this is for you? Here's how to tell…

If you can say "YEP THAT'S ME" to ANY of these, go and sign up right now

You’re working on too many things and not getting anywhere. You’re jumping between ideas without moving any of them on. The pieces of the puzzle just aren't fitting together and you're frustrated.

If you're being honest with yourself, you know you don’t really have a proper growth plan in place (yet). You're in need of motivation, direction and new ideas to hit your mighty goals.

You have gigantic plans and are ready to level the hell up and already know that now is the time. There's a twinkle in your eye - let’s get this show on the road. 

You love love love being around other forward focused, creative go-getters who are just like you. This is your chance. Let's make some new business besties.

You’re either starting up in business and totally bamboozled with what to do next. Or you’re scaling up and totally bamboozled with what to do next. You're smart and you want to fix this.

You had no idea it would be this hard to get going. What the hell does everyone else know you that you don't? Did you miss the memo or something? Let's change that now.

You LOVE retreats (or the idea of retreats) and all things connection. If you had your way, you'd be booking retreats left, right and centre for 2024.

The thought of being whisked away for France for a few days (virtually) is SO appealing and you quite fancy having a little nosey around my chateau. 

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Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh La La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets


Hang on.... what do you mean it's in France? This is an online event and I’m inviting you virtually, into my home at The Chateau, for four days of strategy, energy and a little bit of ooh-la-la!


Business doesn't have to be boring. Let's imagine you're right here, in France, sipping rosé wine in the sunshine while up-leveling your life and business. 


It’s time to prioritise the fastest route to simplicity, fun and more money in your business bank account.

Sign up for this powerful series of 45 minute sessions designed to help you simplify and ramp up your business, whatever stage of business you're at.


Here's what we have planned... 

DAY 1, Get Fully Booked

Tuesday October 10th
2pm BST


How to sell out your 1:1 coaching. Learn the proven steps to booking clients fast even if you're just getting started or don't have much of a following yet.

  • Learn the 7-step process the top coaches use to fill their books with dreamboat clients, without paid ads or being chained to social media 24/7, and use this to book your first or next 10 paying clients.
  • Plus how to ethically sell your coaching to people who say they can’t afford it so they change their life and you change yours.

DAY 2, Design Your Group Program

Wednesday October 11th
2pm BST


How to create your group program in just 45 minutes and scale to consistent 5-figure months, even if you're maxed out with 1:1 clients and have no time. 

  • How one small pivot could allow you to double or triple your revenue potential without any more hours delivering coaching.

  • How to create an incredible experience for your clients so they see your group program as the superior option in your product suite and will happily pay a premium to be a part if it.

  • I’ll share my powerful tips, tricks and tactics, developed over 5 years of running programs, on what to put into your group program, so people queue round the block to enrol and never want to leave once they’re in.

DAY 3, Offers That Sell

Thursday October 12th
2pm BST


REVEALED: The 3 types of offers all coaches need to attract and retain clients.

Jump-start your 6- figure business and move away from the dreaded feast and famine rollercoaster, to safety, security and predictability in your coaching business with zero hustle.

You'll learn:

  • The best types of offers to create and why.
  • The costly mistakes to avoid.
  • The fastest route to 6-figures.

DAY 4, Build Predictable Revenue

Friday October 13th 10am BST 


The Grand Finale. You won't want to miss this. This is where we take everything we've learnt over 3 days and unpack it all in the context of my business. My multi 6-figure runway, getting fully booked and what my programs and signature offers looked like as we go through time. We'll go behind the scenes of my business to create relevancy and context.



  • I’ll take you behind the scenes of my own high revenue coaching business, so you can see my workflows and pipelines.
  • I’ll show you step by step how I attract, nurture and convert clients. TIP; it’s easier than you think.

  • I’ll show you how the smartest coaches are building their businesses, with more ease, impact and money in their bank account.


You'll receive the joining details for the Facebook group when you sign up. The doors will open a few days before for the kick-off welcome soiree.


Can't join us live?

Sign up anyways... and you'll be offered the chance to upgrade to the VIP Experience with access to replays for an entire year, and LOADS more valuable bonuses!

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Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh La La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets

Hi, I’m Karen / c'est moi!

Award winning business coach, your friend and your biggest supporter.


I know what it feels like to be right where  you are now. With so many ideas, things to do, paths to follow.

This is what I’ve realised:

1. When it comes to getting ahead fast, less is more. Simplicity wins over complexity every time.

2. The biggest problem people have. They don't know what they don't know.

3. We can't go on this crazy ride called business alone. We need people around us.

In the last 5 years I’ve seen some seismic shifts both in terms of the money I‘ve made but importantly the ease in which I’ve made it. 

Now I want to share this with you because they've led to some incredible things in my life, like buying a chateau in France, enabling my husband to quit his stressful job, moving my family to another country and creating the impact I could have only dreamt about a few years ago.

And while my life and business look like a dream-scene now, the story of how I got here isn’t any different to your story.

I want to help you create the remarkable success you want in your life and business too.

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Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh La La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets

And there's more...


Tuesday October 17th 

Exclusive VIP Mastermind and Hot seat Experience for our VIP pass holders. Your chance to get up close and personal with me and have the opportunity to book or observe a hot seat experience. 2-3.30PM BST.

Wednesday October 18th

Guided tour of The Chateau  and ask me anything session, happening inside the Facebook group. Fancy seeing inside the chateau? I'll give you a sneak peak of inside the chateau and our retreat spaces.

Thursday October 19th

Client interviews inside the Facebook group.

Hear from real people about the things they've implemented and tweaked in their business that have really blown things up and created incredible results. 

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Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh La La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets

And, a chance to win prizes, including a free place on one of my 2024 Chateau du Treuil in-person retreats in France, worth £2000

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Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh La La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets









Get Your Fastest, Simplest, Most Ooh-La-La Game Plan Locked In And Steal My Strategy Secrets


Live from 'The Chateau'