"Karen is truly gifted at bringing together an amazing group of women who are talented, knowledgeable and determined to make their business a success. I feel so privileged to be a part of her group programme - we learn together, celebrate together, freely share what we know and benefit from each other’s experiences. Add Karen to the mix and it’s magic! She gets the best from us, gives us her best and makes us accountable for our own success."


"Before signing up to Karen’s Mastermind, I was struggling with moving my business forward and really just feeling lost and over-whelmed. I had tried searching everywhere for help, guidance and the answers. WOW! I have gained so much from Karen’s knowledge and experience. Everything is just coming together now – it’s fantastic and exciting! I’ve found my path and loving it! I highly recommend investing in Karen Kissane and one of her powerful services – you won’t regret it! I want to continue working with Karen for the foreseeable future. She’s perfect for my business and I. Her professionalism, personality, knowledge are one of a kind and invaluable!"


“Karen has boundless enthusiasm, energy and generosity. She helps break down for people how to find their niche, follow their passion and grow their business. She’s genuine, authentic and practices what she preaches. She lives by her values and that shows through everything she does. Karen is a role model.”


“Karen has an amazing energy and authenticity to genuinely support people with her knowledge and tailored support She lives and works from values, purpose and why.”


“I've learnt more in the last hour with you than in the whole of the last year.”


"My fees are twice what they were 6 months ago but I have more than doubled the number of clients and they're the right kinds of clients."


"Karen is an amazing coach and mentor!
I’ve learnt so much faster about digital marketing and sales than if I’d been on my own. Her mastermind program is just what I needed. It was just perfect.
Every week Karen gave me the little push I needed to make it all happen : I started a weekly newsletter, launched a free guide, a workshop and a group program. I increased my visibility massively and went from 0 to 5 clients.
All along I felt fully supported and our 1:1 calls and weekly chats on messenger made me feel listened and understood.
Karen cares and that makes all the difference.
Without Karen’s support, I wouldn’t be where I am now."


I joined Karen's Mastermind at a time when I was totally confused about what I should be doing in my business; questioning whether my ideas were any good; and after having spent too many days and weeks learning a lot about everything but not putting anything into practice.

My absolute favorite part of the Mastermind was that Karen was always there to answer my questions, to give me feedback, to encourage me and support me and to get me unstuck by offering ideas and suggestions. And she's always full of positive energy.

If I were to give any advice to anyone who is thinking of joining Karen's mastermind, it would be along these lines: "be prepared to work hard during these 12 weeks. Put aside a few hours each week to implement as much as you possibly can and make it non-negotiable. Never miss any of the live calls as you'll always get so much out of them - from Karen as well as the others. Take advantage of Karen's help - you don't tend to get this from many other business coaches out there so make the most of it.


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