Do You Want More Than You Have Now?

Jul 01, 2021

Do you want more than you have now?

I don’t necessarily mean money, by the way, although it’s not unreasonable to want plenty of that in your business and your life, for all sorts of reasons.

I mean other things too….. Do you want more success? Do you want more clients, or a bigger audience? Or perhaps more time? Do you want more recognition for what you do? Perhaps you simply want to feel more ease and more fulfilment in your business and in your life?

If you want more of anything, but you’re not sure where to start…or if you’re working your socks off trying to get more but staying stuck…keep reading.

I’m Karen Kissane, and I’m an award-winning coach and mentor for smart women in business.

Specifically, I work with really smart women who want remarkable success in a thriving and profitable business. Smart women who know that is what will give them the income they need, the flexibility they want, the freedom to live a dream life on their own terms.

And if that sounds like you, I’d love to spend the next three or four minutes with you because I have something crucial to share with you that I know will help you get what you want – and do it with more ease and more speed.

In all my years of coaching and mentoring smart women in business, and seeing them transform their results, I’ve seen a common theme: women often struggle because they think and act from a scarcity mindset.

Now, I have to make one thing really clear here. I am all about practical but smart action. And so when I talk about abundant thinking, I don’t mean just picturing success and waiting for it to drop into your lap. Nor am I talking about that indefinable kind of luck that only seems to happen to other people.

No, I’m talking about a really powerful and proven mindset that unlocks transformational decisions, behaviours and actions. And it’s those decisions and habits that will give you more of what you want.

If you’re operating in an abundant mindset, you’re instinctively operating in a way that makes your success much more assured (and easy!) than if you operate in a scarcity mindset.

Scarcity mindsets hold you back. They only see reasons why things won’t work; they fear risk; they hang on to every penny instead of investing in growth. A scarcity mindset is at the root of everything that holds you back – whether that’s overwhelm, fear, lack of visibility or just a general feeling of being stuck.

Abundance mindsets, on the other hand, think bigger thoughts – and those bigger lead you to clarity, energy and courage. Courage to dream big and act on those dreams. Courage to throw the levers that move you onto a faster, better track. Courage to make the investment or hire the help.

Abundant decisions and actions are the keys that unlock success. Keys you will dare to use…know how to use… when you shift from a scarcity mindset to abundant thinking.

Now, all this is good news, right? You shift your business up several gears, and you get more of whatever it was you wanted. But I have to tell you, that’s not all! There’s an even better and bigger benefit you will gain when you transform your mindset.

And it is this: when you think, speak and act with an abundant mindset, you feel more passion, more appreciation, more ease in your business. It stands to reason really; scarcity is all about lack, and struggle, and drudge. But abundance is joyful and light. And let’s face it, when you’re operating as a CEO rather than as an intern (or the show pony rather than the work horse), you are serving more and adding more value – which I feel sure is more aligned to your values, as well as being more personally satisfying and financially lucrative.

So, if you know you want more – in fact, you know you are meant for more! – but it’s all just tantalisingly out of reach, think first about your mindset. Because if you’re stuck in a scarcity mindset, it’s very likely the single biggest thing holding you back. Without transforming a scarcity mindset, all the other things that look like answers – consume more training… work harder… fit in extra hours – they’re not solutions, they’re just extra drains on those scarce resources, and they won’t really change anything.

Of course, it’s probably not as simple as just asking yourself if you’re thinking scarce thoughts or abundant thoughts? Thoughts and actions don’t always come with handy labels on.

But you could look for clues. Do you have clarity about what you’re doing, for example? Do you have consistently high levels of energy? Do you feel confident, are you happy to be visible, are you doing the work of the CEO or working flat out and more to fit in all the work of the intern?

All those things will give you clues about your scarcity or abundance mindset. And if you are in a place of scarce thinking, flipping into abundant thinking is going to change the way you see your business… change the things you prioritise…change the investments you make in yourself and your business.

And all those things, ladies, are the very things that will transform your results.

So… whether you’re just getting established or you’re going great guns and ready to scale up – you can transform your energy and your results by shifting into an abundance mindset.

And if you want to know more about great coaching and mentoring can help you create and nurture the abundant mindset you need for success, let’s have a conversation. Because if you’re serious about your business, so am I.